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Situational Analysis of Women’s Political Participation in Zimbabwe

19 May 2021

The state of women’s political participation in Zimbabwe is undesirable, an anti-thesis to the country’s development. Despite proclaiming a Constitutional democracy, there are contestations, contradictions and complexities regarding how women are participating in various sectors of the political landscape. The data in this study shows that women are underrepresented across the executive, cabinet, legislature, judiciary, traditional leadership, public sector and private sector. Women continued to encounter a myriad of long established challenges and emerging ones that continue to define or mis-define their political participation.


Padare Situational Analysis cover

This situational analysis of women’s participation in politics (WPP) in Zimbabwe is part of this broader work. The report focuses on national level dynamics of WPP as well as local level dynamics in selected parts of Zimbabwe (Binga, Chipinge, Bulawayo and Harare).


Read the full report below:

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