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Bilingual WPP Academy Regional Facilitators Virtual Training

28 June 2021

FAWE is leading in regional interventions; Model” School Curriculum Reforms for Enhancing WPP, Inter-Generational Mentorships, Drafting, testing, validation of Regional WPP Academy Learning Manual and Training of facilitators on the learning manual. FAWE has also implemented activities in Kenya and Tanzania.

Objectives of the training
The aim of activity is to train 40 facilitators (Trainer of Trainers) from the 8 consortium countries1, 5 facilitators from each country on the WPP academy learning Manual and facilitators guide for Women in Political Participation. The manual will enhance the participation of women in politics and decision making. The trained facilitators will in turn train other trainers in their country to make a pool of trainers who will then train various learners through Semi Annual Academies hosted in the 8 consortium countries.

This training will be a 5 days virtual training conducted by a team of master facilitators, some of whom will be able to speak and train both English and French..

The planned training dates are Monday 28th June 2021 to Friday 2nd July 2021. It is expected there will be at least two facilitators in a day and the trainings will run from 12noon to 5pm (EAT). Expert resource persons (Current and former Women Politicians) will be invited to daily sessions to share their practical experiences. This is expected to enrich the learning and specifically examples to be used. FAWE will also engage one master facilitator specifically to train on the PWD module. This module had not been envisioned in the first concept in developing the manual. A select FAWE Staff will also join to listen in the training and also acquire skills to support further implementation of the project.

There will also be simultaneous interpretation since either French or English will be used for the trainings. The Academy manual has 10 modules. The manual is in English and French languages and will be provided to the participants in advance. The master facilitators will be expected to be as creative as possible to keep the participants engaged online.