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Vacancy alert - Finance and Administrative Manager

13 February 2023

International IDEA is hiring a Finance and Administrative Manager for the Women in Political Participation Project located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Raising the red flags on the Anniversary of UNSCR1325 & Commemoration of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

18 December 2020
Lack of peace and security is one of the top barriers preventing women from participating in politics. Twenty years on, this webinar is set to take stock of the state of women in political participation in Africa...

WPP Watch - Article 01

22 November 2020
The main objectives of the WPP Watch platform is to raise red flags of women politicians in political distress across Africa. The WPP Watch platform is produced as articles or as podcasts every quarter. Violence is one of the main barriers keeping women out of politics.

IDEA Launches New Gender Project

22 November 2020

International IDEA launches a new project on “enhancing the inclusion of women in political participation in Africa”.

Women Must LEAD! "We need feminist leadership in Kenya”

22 November 2020
Ten years after the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya (2010), women are asking what is there to celebrate when several gains to women’s representation and participation in leadership continue to be eroded, ignored and replaced with self-serving interests? “How do we celebrate when the two thirds gender rule has not been fulfilled in all arms of government not even in the county assemblies where only eight counties are compliant meaning thirty-nine are not!” was the powerful reflective question posed by Hon. Martha Karua during the “Women Must Lead” Policy Dialogue held on 28th August 20202 in Nairobi, Kenya...

Political dialogue and leadership: women demand more visibility in the media

22 November 2020
Despite progress made since the 1990s, a report reveals that women are lagging behind in political exercise in the media. It is within this framework that the Woman political participation (WPP) program was launched yesterday in Dakar to improve the image and leadership of women in politics...
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